Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The main difference between Mohamed Bouazizi and The Burning Monk is that they got themselves burned for different causes. Bouazizi was frustrated because someone took his fruit scale. He was so frustrated about that and other little events that he led to his own burning. But the Monk on the other hand, sacrificed himself. The Tunisians were the only ones interested in Bouazizi, but the Monk attracted all kinds of attention from all around. Either way, lighting yourself on fire is a big thing. Mohamed wanted himself and his friends and family to be treated fairly by the terrible ruler they had and he was done with how he was being treated. Those are extreme measures to go to though. But having someone else light you on fire like the Monk had someone? Would you even want to think about what he'd have to go through, even it it was a sacrifice for his religion? That would be terrible to go through.

Something to think about to yourself....

Do you think that the measures Mohamed Bouazizi went to were acceptable? IF NOT, what would you have done if you were Mohamed and why?

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