Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

I have grown and changed by learning more about technology and the tools I use everyday in the DLC. I have learned from friends, Miss Bailin and the technology itself. All this knowledge has helped me improve my skills. I have grown by all the knowledge I have gained. I am proud of my Stephen Crane group products. I think that they improved from what we had produced before it. I think that as well as being proud of it, the Stephen Crane was the most challenging for me. My favorite production was the glog. I liked it because it was an expression of myself and it was really fun to work on.

My hopes for the 2nd semester is to get all A’s. I think that is a reasonable goal but I know I’ll have to work hard for it.


  1. I like the goals you set for yourself. I find it quite noble of you to go after straight A's. I would like that goal also.. It seems like you have improved greatly over the course of the few months. Great post. Very heartfelt.

  2. I like your goal for the 2nd semester. I think it will set a good challenge for you that will keep you busy during the year. I also agree with Sinai in the fact that you have improved greatly over the 1st semester. :)

  3. Great goal you set for yourself! How do you plan to acheive it? I to enjoyed my Steven Crane project! Watching the changes that you have made so far this year, I think you will defienetly acheive your goal :). Good luck!

  4. @Riley- I plan to achieve it by working hard in my classes and never giving up on anything that I do not feel comfortable with, just keep on going with it.
    @Everyone- Thank you for the compliments and nice feedback. :)